Litter "A" Strana Chudes

Day of birth: 19.07.2013


GICH Genrih Sibirskaya Rapsodiya

Show result: GICH
Color:  red-point



CH Sharlotta Sarji

Show result: Champion
Color:  white with green eyes


Arseniy Strana Chudes
Color blue-mackerel-tabby. / male /
Kitten lives in  Japan

Alisa Strana Chudes
Color tortie-spotted-tabby with white. / female /
Stays in the cattery

Avrora Strana Chudes
Color white with green eyes. / female /
Kitten lives in  Denver, Colorado, USA

Arisha Strana Chudes
Color blue-cream-blotched-tabby. / female /
Stays in the cattery

Anyuta Strana Chudes
Color blue-cream-spotted-tabby. / female /
Kitten lives in   Birmingham, AL, USA